Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Look what the cat dragged in

The one thing that really bums me out during fashion week is seeing designers I love hit rock bottom with their collections...

Rodarte; ladies, c'mon! You're so off-point it hurts.

Knits are great, but these looks are comparable to something the cat dragged in and/or regurgitated. And the choice of patterns??!?!!?!?!? The twisting and the wrapping and the blah??? EEK! It's all wrong and ill-fitting.
Maybe their actual collection wasn't quite ready to debut, so instead the Mulleavy's used scraps of whatever shit upholstery they could find to fashion some sort of "garment."

Pictures from Coutorture (ha, this is torture)

I suppose I enjoyed the socks...


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  1. karlie's pizzed...seeing as she is wearing the scraps from my g-mas couch