Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vena Cava: updated but stayin true

I've always associated Vena Cava with great little party dresses. At first, I wasn't so sure about the collection that was shown today...i think it may have been the hats that threw me off a bit. however, after a second time going through, it started to grow on me. It's like the love child of a 70's party girl and a brooklyn hipster.
i really like the way that they played with different shapes and proportions; the little shorts paired with an overflowing fur collar, the sheer top with an updated silk trouser, and the mid-length cocktail dress were some of my favorites. i also liked how they weren't afraid to layer baggy-on-baggy, as i like to say, with the jumpsuit and hooded jacket. every piece looks like something i could incorporate into my wardrobe (except the maxi dresses DEATH TO MAXI!).

overall, i thought the ladies of Vena Cava did a good job of taking what they already do well and updating it to fit the modern girl.


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