Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who wouldn't love a Geller Boy?

This season is one of the first times I've paid full attention to the menswear collections, but Robert Geller has always been one to catch my eye. For his Fall 2010 collection we see thoughtful layering and mix-n-matching techniques and some elegant styling which suggests practicality and style can, in fact, be one in the same. Here, Geller is giving us this clean Mad Men look, but lovingly guiding the old into the new for a collection that is both successful and conceptual.

From fancy vests and tailored cocktail jackets to knitted sweaters, fur collars, and military boots, the 1950s homme is embellished with modern ideals, textures, and silhouettes. Essentially, Geller is taking his man from uptown to downtown and back again, creating a sweet companionship of hip and classic, and delicate yet rugged, which are harmonies many designers seem to overlook from season-to-season.

Robert Geller is not simply giving his audience a wearable collection, he's giving them the edge and ratified classic menswear pieces they want.

Check out some of my personal favorites (all photos from Freshness Mag)

Where mix and match live happily every after.


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